Finding the Balance: a Lenten Retreat

Who among us doesn’t find themselves ‘out of sorts’ at times? Perhaps life seems just permanently busy and you'd love to find even the tiniest bit of time to have some quiet, and to reflect on what you’re doing? Or, maybe with everything that’s going on in the world you find yourself wondering where God might be in it all? Or there again, maybe you’re not so sure anymore what you believe and would appreciate some time to mull things over…

But at the same time, life goes on and so it's important to find something that allows you to find the Lord in the heart of your everyday...

The six weeks of Lent can be a great framework for this and a real opportunity to find, or find again, the balance in your life. Our 'Finding the Balance', tailor-made to suit your situation, may be just what you're looking for!

How does it work? At an introductory session for everyone making the retreat, you will be given a trained guide from the Centre and you'll be invited to meet them once a week in complete confidentiality. Listening to the experience of your prayer and how your week has been, the guide will help you notice where the Lord may have been and suggest what you might pray & reflect on over the week ahead. The meeting with your guide will take place at a mutually convenient time each week. There will be a closing session at the beginning of Holy Week to enable everyone to draw things together and gather the fruits of their experience.

Dates: Opening & closing meetings on Tuesdays 7th March & 11th April + 5  weekly meetings.

Time: 8.00 pm for the opening & closing meetings. In between these dates, a weekly meeting with your guide at a mutually convenient time.

Venue: Jesuit Centre of Spirituality & Culture, 6 Ely Place, Sea Road, Galway

Cost: suggested donation of €60.00, or whatever you can offer.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or for booking your place on this retreat please use the Contact Us page of this website. We can also be contacted directly by phone on 091 725363 or 086 877 6537.

Please note that in order to find guides for everyone BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL