Training in Prayer Guidance

bible by candlelight

Perhaps you've made a retreat where you've been invited to pray with Scripture or attended prayer sessions in the Prayer Guidance Centre in Knock Shrine, and occasions such as these have left you feeling that you'd like to help others in the same way, whether in Knock or elsewhere?

If so, our training in Prayer Guidance may be your next step as over a period of two years the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality & Culture runs a two-year training course to train suitable guides. Year 1 (6 Friday evenings & Saturdays) focuses on leading groups in prayer, whilst Year 2 (4 Saturdays) is centred on ‘Sacred Listening’, listening to and helping individuals with their prayer in the setting of a guided retreat. It is possible to start the course in either year.

Autumn & Winter 2017-2018

Year 1, focusing on leading groups in prayer, will be offered on six Friday evenings & Saturdays from October 2017 to March 2018 in Knock Shrine.

The course is experiential, based on each participant's own spiritual journey and growth in prayer, learning to notice what happens when they pray and where God seems to be drawing them. Participants will be introduced to different ways of praying, with an emphasis on different ways of praying the Scriptures, the basic principles of discernment, and the more practical skills of listening to ourselves, God and others, as well as how to lead others in prayer. There will be time during each meeting for personal prayer, as well praying and sharing in groups.

Interviews for the course will take place in September 2017.

Course facilitators: Angela Marson, Moira McDowall, RLR & Tom Taaffe

Venue: Prayer Guidance Centre, Knock Shrine

Dates: 6 meetings from 7:30-9:00 pm on Friday evening & all day Saturday: 20th-21st October 2017; 24th-25th November 2017; 8th-9th December 2017; 12th-13th January 2018; 9th-10th February 2018; 9th-10th March 2018.

Cost: €250.00

If you'd like to discuss this further & for all further information, please contact us via our Contact us page. We'd be delighted to hear from you.